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Paul Kernot

Belief is the key

From working in a factory in Liverpool in the U.K. at sixteen, to marketing the multi million dollar mansions of oil sheiks, to training a group of 800 salespeople in an international group. 

Paul's conference keynote presentations will take you on an hilarious, entertaining and inspirational journey of self development and belief.

Each of us has inside us a Self Image Thermostat. Science has proven that we cannot achieve more than 10% above that thermostat setting. This is the reason why two thirds of major prize lottery winners self sabotage and are broke within two years. 

After 22 years of business, sales, training, coaching and speaking experience, Paul now enthralls conference audiences both nationally and internationally with his Self Belief Tool kit. He says;
"Sharing my Self Belief thermostat raising techniques, particularly showing parents how to raise the self image of their children has become my all consuming passion. And if I can do it given my background, then anybody can".      

Paul's Self Belief Tool Kit is all you will
ever need to perform at your very best

Paul Kernot

"A superb presentation. Interesting, relevant and informative"
Air New Zealand


belief is the key



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A Life Changing Event

"My team were still buzzing ten days later"

Understanding the cycle of Personal Development

Your thoughts control your feelings, which in turn control your actions. Your actions determine your results which create your next thoughts.

"The Pathway programme showed me how to control my destiny by controlling my thoughts" 

Health, Wealth and Wisdom

It's what we all want. The Pathway programme has taken twenty years of study and research to put together. Here are the six predictable steps along your personal Pathway to life's riches.  

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